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global energy allam3According to the International Energy Agency, carbon dioxide emissions on the planet grew in 2018 by 1.7 percent to 33.1 billion tons due to the increased demand for energy resources and extreme weather conditions.

global energy 2019 16The Global Energy Association summed up the results of the Energy of Words International Media Contest. The jury recognized the materials of three journalists for their analytical approach, the depth of research topics and literary skill.

global energy chung1The growing population of the Earth, urbanization, and economic growth are key factors in the increasing demand for energy, water, and food. All three resources are indissolubly tied and require an multifaceted approach to solving the problems of ensuring their availability and security.

global energy 2019 14The Global Energy Association on development of international research and projects in the field of energy will take part in the 24th World Energy Congress, which will be held on September 9-12 in Abu Dhabi (The United Arab Emirates). The event is the largest and most influential energy congress covering all aspects of the energy agenda.

nature1International lawmakers should adopt a fifth Geneva convention that recognises damage to nature alongside other war crimes, according to an open letter by 24 prominent scientists.